Como Hotel & Resorts Fiji

Como Hotels & Resorts Fiji

Artwork for Overwater Villas, Hilltop Villas, Plantation Villas, Garden Villas, Seagrass Villas.

Arrive by flight – either private planes or resort-arranged – and you start to get a sense of how COMO Laucala Island is a private island resort that recalibrates the idea of luxury. It does this by opening up a new potential around what is becoming increasingly rare: time and space, on your terms.

Located in the South Pacific, the resort features 25 Residences in a unique, Eden-like locale. Nature and architecture are sensitively blended, so the accommodation feels in balance with the rainforests, white sand and cobalt reef. To this COMO also brings numerous experiences, from sailing, golfing to soulful, island-sourced gastronomy.

Client Dietrich Mateschitz owner of Red Bull GmbH Austria.
Interior Designer responsible for the entire project: Lynn Hunt London – United Kingdom
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